The president of Domaine de la Vallée Bras, Pascal Miche and his partner John Frechette, proudly present Omerto, an aperitif tomato wine drawn from a family recipe that was kept secret for four generations. The name of this magnificent nectar honors the great-grandfather of Mr. Miche, who first created a tomato-based liqueur in Belgium in 1938 that is now used to make Omerto. The original process was later improved until an exquisite wine of 18% alcohol was obtained. Jealously guarded all these years, the aperitif wine was prepared in their cellars and shared amongst family and friends during holidays.

Upon his arrival in Québec, Pascal Miche decided to renew this family tradition and bring the unique taste of tomato wine to his adopted homeland. After a decade of patience and artistry, the tomato wine aperitif was finally ready to be commercialized. Omerto is made from a special blend of heirloom tomatoes, rich in flavor and especially adapted to the Baie St. Paul region, which gives this aperitif tomato wine its unique taste.

Omerto, became the very first aperitif tomato wine to be sold in the world and we now invite you to discover Omerto for yourself. Its surprisingly clear color and delectable taste will enchant you!