Domaine de la Vallée du Bras introduces Omerto, a unique apéritif tomato wine.
Omerto is more than an apéritif wine! Serve it with several dishes and use it as a fine ingredient for your best recipes.
Come and visit our boutique at Baie St-Paul and take the time to enjoy the splendid views.
Omerto is made from organic heirloom tomatoes certified by Écocert Canada.


Omerto, is the very first aperitif tomato wine in the world. Developed through a jealously garded family recipe in Belgium over four generations ago, Omerto is now produced in Baie St-Paul, Québec. Only the recipe has been kept secret, not the taste.

Omerto may be purchased through our website or in the various locations listed on the website. The calendar section lists the different venues where Omerto will be featured this year. In the products section, you will find details on the organoleptic qualities of Omerto. Last but not least, the recipe section offers a wide range of food-pairing suggestions as well as recipes from a number of renowned chefs that will add wonderful aromas to your meals.

Do not wait any further to discover Omerto, a wine that is without equal. Its surprisingly clear color and delectable taste will enchant you!